New Quebec student coalition supports those opposed to unlimited strike

March 9, 2012

The Coalition étudiante pour l'association libre is a new student group in Quebec aimed at helping those students who may not support an unlimited strike in protest of planned tuition fee increases. In addition to being worried that their term is at risk, some students opposed to the class boycott feel their democratic rights are not being respected. Some UQAM students interviewed by the Montreal Gazette say they are being forced out of classrooms by striking students, despite the government's pronouncement that classes should go on for students who want them. Others against the boycott say they've been heckled at student assemblies on strike mandates. The coalition wants to depoliticize student unions and is asking MLAs to support a plan to create 2 types of student unions: one to represent all students for campus services, and one that would focus more on activism. The group's founders started the coalition because they believe most students do not support the strike but are being forced to participate, even though a legal right to strike does not apply to student unions. Montreal Gazette (March 8) | Montreal Gazette (March 9) | Coalition website (in French)