New report suggests Canada is at risk of losing digital information

February 5, 2015

The Council of Canadian Academies (CCA) has released a new report based on an expert panel’s assessment of the challenges and opportunities faced by memory institutions—libraries, archives, museums, and galleries—as they adapt to new digital technologies. Leading in the Digital World: Opportunities for Canada's Memory Institutions suggests that Canada is currently falling behind, risking the loss of vast amounts of digital information. “Overall, our 13-member Expert Panel determined that, to meet the challenges presented by the digital revolution, memory institutions will need to focus strategic and business planning around digital technologies," said Doug Owram, Chair of the expert panel. "There is an opportunity for these institutions to collaborate more strategically and develop interactive relationships with users, thereby enhancing content and providing meaningful experiences." The report offers several key findings, including that many of the challenges faced by these institutions are situated in technical issues around managing large volumes of data and that collaboration is essential for digital adaptation. CCA News Release | Full Report