New TFW rules impede ability of institutions to recruit internationally

February 9, 2015

Canada's PSE institutions are urging the federal government to relax new restrictions to the temporary foreign worker (TFW) program that are impeding the schools' ability to recruit internationally. Universities use the TFW program because it provides "a faster, more accessible avenue to hiring foreign academics than the federal skilled workers program, which imposed caps by occupation, including in jobs as university professors," reports the Globe and Mail. Changes made last June to the TFW program mean that employers recruiting for high-wage positions must have a transition plan showing how jobs can be shifted to Canadian residents. “You are looking at a culture where people feel they are part of an international community. Why shouldn’t they hire internationally? They have trained internationally, they collaborate internationally, they publish internationally,” said Frances Woolley, a professor of economics at Carleton University. Sources in the PSE sector told the Globe that an agreement with the government is "close." Globe and Mail