New UBC President pledges $100 M increase to research funding

September 16, 2014

Arvind Gupta, UBC’s newly-installed President, has pledged to increase the institution’s research funding by $100 M. Gupta also committed to increase student scholarships and bursaries, double the available internship and co-op programs, provide more student housing, improve existing physical and mental health facilities, and improve sports venues and cultural outlets, as well as working to build new community partnerships across the province and develop more research and learning alliances internationally. “Excellence in research is what distinguishes great institutions from the rest,” said Gupta. “It’s what puts our students at the cutting edge of knowledge, so they have access to the latest discoveries and revelations.” Gupta also acknowledged his goal of bringing UBC from one of the top 25 universities in the world to one of the top 10. Gupta noted that his goals would be realized through entrepreneurship, consultation, and a “clear focus on success for students.” UBC News | Globe and Mail