New uWinnipeg President says institution should be a “magnet for Indigenous students”

September 24, 2014

Annette Trimbee, the new President of the University of Winnipeg, has promised to emphasize collaboration over competition during her tenure, and to pursue an institutional mission of social justice. At a simple inauguration ceremony, Trimbee spoke of the importance of a deliberate approach to enrolment growth that would focus on Indigenous students. “We can be a magnet for Indigenous students from around the world,” she said. She also emphasized the need for differentiation between uWinnipeg and the University of Manitoba, in order to better serve the province’s needs. “We should collectively talk about our growth plans and make sure they make sense,” Trimbee told attendees. “Growth should be intentional, that’s tied to our core mission. I’m going to be talking a lot about developing leaders.” The University of Manitoba recently released a strategic enrolment plan focused largely on attracting Indigenous students. Winnipeg Free Press