Niagara College to launch first-of-its-kind distilling program

May 13, 2016

Niagara College will soon be adding a program in distilling to its existing winemaking and brewing-related offerings. Already home to a teaching winery and a teaching brewery, the college says that it will support its new distilling program with what is reportedly Canada’s first on-campus teaching distillery. “The program is the next logical step for the College and the CFWI in becoming the key centre of excellence in fermentation sciences throughout Canada,” said the College’s Canadian Food and Wine Institute Dean Craig Youdale, “we will be the only learning environment to cover all three levels of alcohol production and education, and hope to lead the explosion of distillers the same as we have led the growth of brewing and wineries in our region and across Canada.” St Catharine’s Standard | Niagara College | INSIDEnc