Niagara College SMA highlights contributions to unique regional economy

September 4, 2014

The strategic mandate agreement (SMA) signed between Ontario and Niagara College identifies as the institution’s key areas of differentiation its support for the Niagara region’s unique economy, including the culinary, viticulture, and agri-business sectors; advanced manufacturing; and tourism. The SMA identifies as strengths Niagara’s applied research, delivered through its Centres of Excellence in Food and Beverage Innovation, Advanced Manufacturing, and Agriculture and Environment; it further notes Niagara’s close ties to Innovate Niagara, the Regional Innovation Centre, and various industry associations. According to the SMA, Niagara has demonstrated strength in co-operative and experiential learning programs, its Learning Enterprises program, and its Be World Ready program, which integrates global perspectives into its curriculum. Niagara is also cited for its support for mature and non-traditional learners through a revamped academic schedule, online course offerings, and vocational programs. The SMA identifies 5 proposed program areas for growth: Canadian food and wine industry, hospitality management, business management, advanced manufacturing, and health and wellness. Niagara SMA