Niagara OPIRG and student group plan to protest return of Brock professor

January 8, 2019

The Niagara-based chapter of the Ontario Public Interest Research Group and the Brock Student Justice Centre are planning to publicly protestDavid Schimmelpenninck’sreturn to teaching, reports the St Catharines Standard. A professor of Russian history, Shimmelpennink was disciplined by Brock University for sexually harassing a student in 2014. In a statement, the  Brock University Faculty Association wrote that Schimmelpennink has the right to “teach, do his research, and participate in the service responsibilities incumbent upon every faculty member, in compliance with relevant university policies.” Ellie Donohue-Miller, support services coordinator at the Brock Student Sexual Violence Support Centre, said that the university needs to do more to support survivors of sexual violence. Hamilton Spectator| CBC (ON)