Niqab-wearing woman files human rights complaint against Cégep St-Laurent

March 2, 2010

Quebec's Human Rights Commission is reviewing a complaint from a permanent resident expelled from a government-funded French class at Montreal-based Cégep St-Laurent for refusing to remove her niqab veil, which leaves only the eyes exposed. CÉGEP officials say the school tried on several occasions to accommodate the Egyptian woman, whose demands reportedly created tension in the class. Quebec's immigration ministry is also reviewing the case. CBC | CTV

Postscript:  An Egyptian woman kicked out of a government-sponsored French class at a Montreal CÉGEP for refusing to remove her niqab has been expelled from another class, this time from a community centre for immigrants. According to media reports, when Quebec's immigration ministry learned of the woman's new enrolment, it informed her that its French immersion courses have to be taken with her face exposed, and the woman refused to take off her niqab. The woman has lodged a human rights complaint against her initial expulsion. Canadian Press | CBC