NL says it expects MUN to keep tuition frozen despite $8 M cut

April 18, 2016

Two provincial ministers from Newfoundland and Labrador stated last Thursday that they expect Memorial University to keep tuition fees frozen, despite the $8 M cut to its operations budget announced in the recent provincial budget, reports CBC. Advanced Education and Skills Minister Gerry Byrne explained that NL will mitigate the operations cut with increased support for a tuition offset program that, in NL’s eyes, should give MUN “the capacity to be able to maintain the tuition freeze.” Finance Minister Cathy Bennett, on the other hand, has stated that “MUN is accountable, and has the autonomy, and has always had the autonomy, to do the things that they need to do for money,” noting that it is up to MUN to decide if it wishes to hold a tuition freeze. MUN President Gary Kachanoski said that the university will give all due consideration to the government’s suggestion. CBC | CBC (NL Budget) | Telegram | The Independent