Non-profit created to help US adjuncts overcome financial hardships

January 28, 2015

A new non-profit organization has been created to help adjunct faculty members in the US overcome temporary financial difficulties. The organization, called PrecariCorps, aims to help adjuncts pay their bills, especially during periods when paycheques are not forthcoming or are delayed. "I'm most excited about helping relieve the stress that accompanies our inability to pay for our basic necessities, which helps not only the adjuncts ourselves, but our families and our students, who will be given more attention and care because we'll be able to function more properly without the weight of stress," said Brianne Bolin, an instructor at Columbia College in Chicago. PrecariCorps will also share educational materials on PSE finances with students and parents, collect adjunct faculty news, and conduct research on adjunct faculty issues and education quality. Inside Higher Ed