Northern ON graduates find jobs close to home through Stay North program

January 5, 2017

College graduates across Northern Ontario have a better chance at finding work close to home thanks to a free program called Stay North, writes Maclean's. Launched in September 2015, Stay North works with employment agencies, employer groups, individual employers, recruitment agencies, municipalities, and chambers of commerce from across Northern Ontario to match graduates with jobs. Since its launch, Stay North has matched more than 50 graduates with jobs in health care, IT, graphic design, engineering, and the environment, doubling the goal of 25 matches it sought to make by the end of its mandate in June 2017. “Lots of students end up moving out of northern Ontario to find work,” says Alex Rogerson, Stay North’s employment liaison officer. “The Stay North goal is to help them find employment, first of all in their community, and if not that, then in the north.” Maclean’s