Not all US universities rushing towards branch campuses

March 13, 2014

While the number of US university branch campuses overseas has risen in the past several years, Inside Higher Ed points out that a few PSE institutions have decided against establishing international campuses right away. George Washington University has recently reversed its course on a planned branch campus in China in partnership with Beijing’s University of International Business and Economics. GWU officials cite a lack of faculty support as its main reason for cancelling the plans, and have decided to begin a broader discussion with its faculty about opening such a branch campus. Columbia University is careful not to promote its network of 8 Global Centers as branch campuses. The centres are meant to promote faculty research and student exchange opportunities. “We don’t invest in brick and mortar, we don’t hire faculty, we don’t recruit students and thus our exit strategy is an efficient one,” says Safwan M Masri, Columbia’s Executive VP for Global Centers and Global Development. Inside Higher Ed