NS nursing students question why NS not “hurrying” to recruit them

October 20, 2021
Nursing students are questioning why Nova Scotia’s nursing recruiters are not more actively recruiting them for jobs, given the provincial need for nurses, reports CBC. Dalhousie University students in their final year of nursing studies have taken the initiative of organizing meetings with NS recruiters to talk about opportunities, and students have reportedly been approached by recruiters from provinces such as British Columbia with offers and bonuses before being approached by NSHA. NSHA stated that it typically reaches out to Atlantic university nursing programs in September, but Nova Scotia Nurses’ Union president Janet Hazelton said that students from other institutions are also in the same situation. NS office of health-care recruitment CEO Dr Kevin Orrell has said that in the future, students will be approached with offers at the end of their first year so that they can choose clinical placements strategically. CBC (NS)