NS PSE budget cut rumoured

March 11, 2009

The Nova Scotia chapter of the Canadian Federation of Students and some politicians in the province are concerned about reports that the Tory government will cut $10 million from its PSE budget. There is worry that if the province does make cuts to the PSE budget, it will affect a memorandum of understanding between the education minister and university presidents that entails increased funding and a 3-year tuition freeze. While the deputy education minister admits the government is speaking with the universities about where money can be trimmed from the PSE budget, the schools cannot touch tuition fees. Halifax Chronicle-Herald

Postscript: Mar 13, 2009
Despite reports that the Nova Scotia government will cut $10 million for its PSE budget, a memorandum of understanding between the province and the universities involving a 3-year tuition freeze will not be affected as some have feared. A Top Ten subscriber informs us that the Alliance of Nova Scotia Student Associations has received a verbal commitment from the province that there will be no changes to the MOU.