NS PSE group seeks clarification on 2010 government report on NSCAD

March 29, 2012

A coalition of students, staff, and faculty are asking the Nova Scotia government to clarify parts of a report on the financial difficulties at NSCAD University that was submitted to the province in April 2010, but was only recently made public after the group filed a freedom of information request. "We would like the government to clarify why they felt it necessary to bury this very helpful report and commission an entirely new one this past fall," says the Association of Nova Scotia University Teachers' president. "The Hogg report is very detailed and offers a much more reasonable plan for creating a sustainable and independent NSCAD than is contained within the Windsor report, which is the report the government chose to make public." Written by William Hogg, a former deputy finance minister, the 2010 report contains some recommendations that appear to be at odds with the province's actions and Windsor report recommendations. The Hogg report states that the next review of NSCAD's finances need not be conducted until the end of 2012-13 fiscal year, and urges the government to continue the past practice of funding the university's facilities and space-related costs. CFS-NS News Release