NSAC union wants input in Dal-NSAC merger talks

February 7, 2012

Nova Scotia Agricultural College's staff union says it needs to be involved in talks of a merger between the institution and Dalhousie University and that there should be guarantees for employees making the transition. The president of the Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union told members at a meeting Monday that the union remains committed to fighting for an arrangement that would preserve the benefits NSAC employees enjoy as civil servants even after they might become employees of Dal. The union wants to see all non-faculty members placed in a single bargaining unit instead of being disbursed in various units at Dal. A government spokeswoman says the merger agreement would be implemented through legislation, which "would provide for the transfer of unionized employees under the terms of their existing collective agreement and it will provide a right for the existing employees to continue to participate in the public service superannuation plan." Chronicle Herald | Truro Daily News