NSCAD dispels rumours of program cuts

March 15, 2012

In an update on its sustainability planning, NSCAD University says there is no truth to rumours that up to half of the classes currently offered will be cut. However, the practice to proceed with classes that are under-enrolled has proven to be financially unsustainable. Starting with the 2012-13 academic calendar, NSCAD intends to combine historically under-enrolled multi-section offerings to guarantee full enrolment. Moreover, core courses that are under-enrolled will be offered less frequently, from once a semester to once a year. NSCAD says it has made adequate provisions to ensure students are able to complete their degrees. The university also dispels a rumour about the Granville block now being sold. Because of federal and provincial investments in Granville campus upgrades, NSCAD is obligated to retain the campus for at least another 5 years. The university says fundraising and recruitment investments are key components of going forward. It has already seen fundraising improvements through its annual fund campaign. Donor participation in annual giving has risen by 20% in 2011-12. NSCAD News