NSCAD faculty, student unions slam sustainability framework

April 10, 2012

A report recommending fewer faculty members and higher fees at NSCAD University is generating backlash from the institution's faculty and student unions, who argue that such measures would harm the classroom. Released last Thursday, the sustainability framework recommends reducing NSCAD's workforce by 26 employees this fiscal year through early retirement, incentives, and severance packages. The report states that of those 26 positions, the majority should not be replaced, and those that are should be paid at a lower rate. "I think people are going to be very angry when they read it and they're going to feel betrayed," says the faculty union's president. "We were told over and over and over again in public meetings and in private conversations with representatives from the board that there would be...no layoffs of employees." The report also recommends increasing tuition fees and introducing some student fees, resulting in a $900 increase in the current full-time undergraduate tuition rate. "I don't feel like I can afford to pay that much more of tuition and still be able to live," says the student union's president. Canadian Press