NSCC board approves tuition increase for most programs

March 27, 2015

The board of governors at Nova Scotia Community College has approved a tuition increase. For most programs, tuition will increase by 3%; this will amount to, on average, a $90 annual increase per student. Tuition will not increase for recording arts, health information management, certified welding, gas technician, heavy equipment operator, process operations 4th class, or aviation programs. NSCC President Don Bureaux said, “I know any increase makes a difference for our students. This additional revenue will help us to continue to provide high-quality programming that supports student success for years to come. As part of our commitment to maintain a balanced budget, we will also continue to find ways to reduce administrative costs without impacting our learning environment.” In a news release, Students Nova Scotia VP College Affairs Scott Byrne said, “it’s wrong that the provincial government continues to allow the cost of community college education to rise and it’s wrong that they do not consult student associations in advance of these decisions.” NSCC News Release | StudentsNS News Release