NSERC funds MEaTnet at uAlberta, uLaval, uSask and UoGuelph

May 30, 2014

4 Canadian universities have partnered to create the Canadian Meat Education and Training Network (MEaTnet), reportedly Canada’s first meat science graduate program. The University of Alberta, Université Laval, the University of Saskatchewan, and the University of Guelph will share a graduate studies curriculum, with 4 main areas of instruction: meat microbiology, meat processing, biochemistry, and muscle-food economics. Graduates will also participate in internships with industry partners. The virtual organization will initially be housed at uAlberta, but it is hoped that all participating universities will have formal meat science graduate programs by 2020. “There’s a number of impacts the network will have. I’m hoping that it will further tie together the meat research and meat education community and I’m hoping it will strengthen ties with industry,” said Director of MEaTNet Heather Bruce. The network was funded through NSERC’s Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) initiative. uAlberta News