OCADU launches Centre for the Study of Black Canadian Diaspora

March 22, 2021

OCAD University has announced the launch of a new Centre for the Study of Black Canadian Diaspora, which will showcase the works of Black artists and craftspeople from across Canada. Dr Andrea Fatona, Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Canadian Black Diasporic Cultural Production, is leading the centre. “Anti-Black racism has shaped the way in which Blackness has been present in Canada, and also incredibly absent,” said Dr Fatona. “So, this project is about rectifying that erasure or minimal exposure, and achieving formal recognition of Black folks who have contributed to the sphere of fine arts in Canada.” Work is being done by Dr Fatona and her team to research, identify, and digitize visual artworks produced by Black Canadians from 1987 to the present. A team of experts is serving as an advisory committee to guide the work. OCADU (ON)