OCUFA executive outlines principles for teaching-stream appointments

December 15, 2011

Constrained finances for Ontario universities due to government underfunding provides a context that makes the discussion about the expansion of teaching-stream faculty positions worthwhile, said Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations Vice-President Kate Lawson at a recent conference at McMaster University. Lawson identified 3 principles for teaching-stream appointments. First, they need to be good appointments, with job security, opportunity for career advancement, protection of academic freedom, and pay equal to other full-time faculty. Personal choice is another key principle. Faculty members should not be prevented from moving from one stream to the other. The third principle is the preservation of space in teaching-focused appointments for scholarship. If these principles are honoured, "we have a recipe for more quality teaching at our institutions, not a recipe for cheaper teaching," Lawson said. OCUFA Report