OECD report has Canada falling behind in R&D

November 18, 2014

Canada is not keeping up with its global competitors in research and development, according to a new report from the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD). The report has Canada dropping out of the top 10 R&D spenders to 12th overall. The OECD found that Canada invested $21.8 B in R&D in 2012, less than the $22.7 B it spent in 2004. Canada has also fallen behind in measures of R&D “intensity,” a calculation based on R&D spending as a percentage of gross domestic product. The OECD average for intensity is 2.4%; Canada came in at 1.69%, behind 20 other countries. Canada’s underperformance can be partially attributed to a lack of investment by the private sector, which is, at 0.88% of GDP, near the bottom of the OECD rankings in that category. In 2001, this figure was 1.26%, but has declined steadily since. Globe and Mail | OECD News Release | Full Report