Ohio Northern University guarantees graduation within 4 years

October 15, 2013

Ohio Northern University this week announced a new initiative that aims to reduce tuition, lower student debt and help students graduate in 4 years. “The Ohio Northern Promise" features 4 key elements: lowering 2013-14 tuition rates by 20% to 25%; offering a 4-Year Graduation Guarantee in most undergraduate programs; continuing to offer opportunities such as internships, capstone courses, field experiences, study abroad and experiential learning; and sustaining the university's record of high job placement, and graduate and professional school admission rates. In 2009 the University of Regina launched the UR Guarantee, which promised that all students who complete the program requirements would land a job in their field within 6 months of graduation. Those uRegina students who met the requirements but did not find a job were given up to 30 tuition-free credit hours. University Business