Ohio State U experiment puts recruiting message in hands of students

February 16, 2012

Ohio State University has e-mailed more than 100,000 high school students with the following pitch: Why not get to know "the real Ohio State" by connecting with a current student who does not work for the institution's admissions office? In the experiment, prospective students can e-mail, instant-message, or call any of 68 Ohio State U students who work for a start-up company called CollegeSolved. The conversations are private, so the university knows only that a prospective student has demonstrated an interest. The institution also receives anonymous data on the type of queries from prospective students, such as scholarships and residences. For college admissions offices, a CollegeSolved founder pitches his service as a way to better gauge students' intentions at a time when they are applying to many more institutions, making it more difficult to predict where they will enrol. The Chronicle of Higher Education (free access) | CollegeSolved