Okanagan launches new Centre for Non-Profit Excellence

April 10, 2014

Okanagan College’s School of Business has announced the creation of the Scotiabank Centre for Non-Profit Excellence, thanks to a $100,000 donation from Scotiabank. The new centre is designed to provide business students with the skills to support non-profit organizations in the area. Students will also benefit from engaging with experts from the business world, including Scotiabank employees. Okanagan President Jim Hamilton explained that the students will “go in [to an organization] and they will do a gap analysis and then students and [faculty] alike will then work with non-profit groups to help them get the training that they need in order to improve their organizations' effectiveness.” One program participant noted the value of applying skills to real world problems, stating, “it kind of instills both the experience and the fact we can make a change with the social end in working with non-profits.” Kelowna News