Old-fashioned email marketing still best way to communicate

August 30, 2013

New research out of the US suggests that although social media websites continue to grow in popularity for multiple types of communication, when it comes to introductions to new brands or post-purchase follow ups, consumers prefer email as a means of communication with companies. 19% of respondents in the 20-30-year age range said they preferred email, while only 5% said they preferred social media. Of particular importance for PSE, the study also found that customization of emails, geared directly to the potential “buyer” with customized interests or location information, could boost email open rates by close to 10%. Customized student recruitment models that offer relevance to the student break through the standard personalized subject line email, which is becoming outdated, according to the researchers. The University of Alberta’s website is mentioned as an example of positive customized recruitment efforts; uAlberta has landing pages in various languages to assist potential international students. ICEF Monitor | uAlberta website