Omar Khadr offered a place at The King's University

February 3, 2015

Court documents indicate that Omar Khadr, a Canadian man who is awaiting the results of his appeal of 5 terrorism convictions in the US, will be offered a spot at The King's University in Edmonton in order to help him integrate back into the community. Khadr is currently seeking release on bail while the courts settle the convictions, which were specified in a plea bargain made with a military commission at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Khadr would study as a mature student, and plans are being made to allow him to study off-campus. University President Melanie Humphreys said that it may take some time before Khadr would be able to resume his studies, but explained that "this offer, should Omar choose to accept, is the logical step after 6.5 years of voluntary teaching service to get his high school degree." Humphreys acknowledged that some may oppose the offer, but said that "this is the best way to keep our community safe—to be in a relationship ... It's not a decision we took lightly and it's based on relations with people who know him well."  Edmonton Journal