One bad year shouldn’t ruin your education: UBC staff make the case for transitional bursaries

October 21, 2016

“[How] do universities maintain high standards of excellence while acknowledging the existence of youthful indiscretion?” ask Julie Foran, Joanna Ludlow, Mandy Thiessen, and Erica Triggs for University Affairs. As staff members of the University of British Columbia, the authors highlight the importance of making sure that one bad year does not derail a student’s entire postsecondary journey. This is why UBC has introduced what the authors call a “transition bursary,” which is given to students who have lost their original scholarships but who are able to meet with advisors and develop a new plan for getting back on track. The authors note that since introducing the transitional bursary, UBC has seen half of the students who use it recover their original scholarships, avoiding what could have been a significant, permanent setback in their studies. UBC