One-third of faculty at military colleges to be laid off

April 9, 2012

Federal budget cuts targeting military colleges will eliminate up to a third of jobs now held by professors, says their professional association. The president of the Canadian Military Colleges Faculty Association says he has been given a list of 68 professors the Department of National Defence is looking to lay off to reduce costs. That figure represents more than one-third of the approximately 185 faculty teaching at the Royal Military College in Kingston, the Canadian Forces College in Toronto, and the RMC campus in Saint-Jean, Quebec. All those affected are tenured professors who are locked into long-term union contracts with the colleges, says the faculty association president. He states that strict union work rules mean that faculty will not take on extra teaching burdens on any sustained basis, so fewer professors mean fewer classes. The chair of the Defence Management Studies Program at Queen's University says the cuts could affect the viability of the Saint-Jean campus, which was shut down in 1995 only to be re-opened in 2007. Postmedia News