One-third of Ontario PhDs working as tenure-track profs, says new study

January 26, 2016

A new study from the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario has found that one-third of doctoral graduates from Ontario universities hold tenure-track positions somewhere in the world, with half working as professors in Canada. “The results show that PhDs do well, maybe more than the popular conversation imagines,” said study lead Martin Hicks. These findings contrast with a Conference Board study from last year, which found that one in five Canadian PhDs are employed as full-time faculty. Another initiative named Trace is currently working to track the career paths of humanities PhDs from 24 universities over the past decade, with findings to be released this spring. Project leaders hope that the project could spur universities to collect more of this data themselves. “It’s an ethical responsibility to have a picture of where PhD graduates are,” said McGill University’s Paul Yachnin. Globe and Mail