Online course sharing platforms develop offerings, strike partnerships, in the face of increased competition

August 16, 2021
The online course sharing company Coursera has announced that it will increase the percentage of revenue it shares with university partners for credit-bearing degrees and credentials. Under the new fee structure, universities that reach $10M USD in revenue will see Coursera only take 35% of tuition revenue (down from 40%), and higher revenue tiers such as $25M USD and $50M USD will see Coursera’s share drop further. Inside Higher Ed reports that the announcement comes amidst increased competition between course sharing platforms. One such competitor, Noodle, recently announced that it would be launching a new lifelong learning platform for non-degree courses. The platform will cost universities 15-35% of tuition revenue and is scheduled to launch in early 2022. Inside Higher Ed (Coursera) | Campus Technology (Noodle) (International)