Ontario’s credit transfer program saves students, taxpayers money

November 22, 2013

According to new data released by the Ontario Council on Articulation and Transfer (ONCAT), students who transfer among Ontario’s 44 publicly-funded universities and colleges save an average of $11,000 in tuition and save taxpayers an additional $7,500. There are currently over 600 pathways involving multiple partner institutions, resulting in more than 35,000 transfer opportunities for students; ONCAT has recently funded the development of a further 65 pathways. Approximately 21,500 students transfer within Ontario every year, with the top 5 transfer programs being business, health, social science, engineering, and liberal arts/general arts. Glenn Craney, Executive Director of ONCAT, credits the full participation of all 44 institutions for Ontario’s successful transfer program. "This collaborative approach has led to the establishment of a solid foundation on which to expand the network of transfer options for students," says Craney. In 2012, ONCAT was granted $73.7 million for 5 years by the Ontario government to support the development of a new credit-transfer system. ONCAT News Release