Ontario announces $295-million Youth Jobs Strategy

April 30, 2013

On Monday, the Ontario government launched its Youth Jobs Strategy to help more young people find jobs and ensure employers can hire the skilled workers they need to thrive in today's economy. The strategy involves a series of funds that focus on jobs, entrepreneurship, and innovation. To be available as early as September, the $195-million Ontario Youth Employment Fund aims to create new job opportunities for youth across the province. The Ontario Youth Entrepreneurship Fund will support the next generation of entrepreneurs through mentorship, startup capital, and outreach. The Ontario Youth Innovation Fund is designed to support youth to lead and manage industrial research, development and commercialization, as well as support young entrepreneurs at colleges and universities. The Business-Labour Connectivity and Training Fund will bring together business, labour, educators, and young people to better prepare youth to develop the skills they need to succeed. The government says the entire strategy would be supported by a total investment of $295 million over 2 years, and would create 30,000 new job opportunities. Colleges Ontario applauds the announcement; CEO Linda Franklin says the investment is essential as Ontario struggles with a skills mismatch where many people seeking work do not have the qualifications and skills to fill job vacancies. Ontario News Release | Colleges Ontario News Release