Ontario law schools fees increase with new LLP program

February 12, 2014

Ontario law school students are seeing an increase in fees associated with becoming a lawyer, reports CBC News. Students who spoke to CBC said they “expected to pay slightly more than the approximately $2,600 graduating students paid in 2013,” but said they actually must pay nearly $5,000. The Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) says the increase is partially due to a new alternative to the mandatory post-graduation training, announced in November. Ryerson University and the University of Ottawa now offer this alternative program, the Law Practice Program (LPP). "The Law Society's Articling Task Force recommended the creation of an additional pathway, as well as changes to articling, and has from the beginning noted that a fee increase would be necessary to cover the costs of enhancements to the articling program, as well as the introduction of the Law Practice Program," reads an LSUC statement. CBC