Ontario law students form advocacy association

April 2, 2014

Law students in Ontario have formed an association to “speak out on issues affecting the province's 4,000 law students.” The Law Students' Society of Ontario (LSSO) will seek to advocate for student concerns to government and education stakeholders on issues such as access to legal education, professional accreditation requirements, and other issues affecting the province’s law students. At its inaugural meeting, the LSSO identified several priority areas for advocacy, including raising awareness about rising tuition costs, monitoring the success of the Law Society of Upper Canada's Law Practice Program (LPP), lobbying for changes to the Law Society's recent 74% hike in licensing fees for new law school graduates, and advocating for inclusive, representative law schools. Membership in the LSSO has been ratified by student groups at all 7 of Ontario’s law schools (the University of Windsor, Western University, the University of Toronto, YorkU’s Osgoode Hall Law School, Queen's University, the University of Ottawa, and Lakehead University). LSSO News Release