Ontario PSE community reacts to Drummond report

February 16, 2012

The Drummond Commission on the Reform of Ontario's Public Services is long on cuts and short on insights, argues the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations, which states that taken together, the commission's recommendations would continue the erosion of the quality of education at provincial PSE institutions. "By only fiddling around the margins, Drummond is proposing that higher education drive Ontario forward on a half-empty tank," says OCUFA president Constance Adamson. The Council of Ontario Universities appreciates the focus on PSE issues provided by the commission, welcoming particularly its support for sufficient tuition revenue so that universities can continue to maintain the quality of the student experience. The Canadian Federation of Students' Ontario chapter rejects many of the commission's recommendations, adding that it's "disappointed to see no recommendations that reflect the return to tax revenue that accompanies a higher-educated population." In anticipation of the Drummond report, the CFS-O released Wednesday a document outlining recommendations for the future of tuition fee policy in Ontario. One suggestion for the province is to allocate $1 billion over 4 years to develop a multi-year tuition fee framework that progressively reduces tuition by 30% over 4 years. OCUFA News Release | COU News Release | CFS-O News Release | CFS-O Report