Ontario releases details of SMA with Algoma University

August 12, 2014

Ontario has published the strategic mandate agreement (SMA) it signed with Algoma University last week. The SMA identifies as a key area of differentiation Algoma’s role in helping the Sault Ste Marie region transition to a knowledge-based economy, as well as its support for educational access for Anishinaabe students, first-generation students, and students from small towns. The SMA further notes Algoma’s key role as the eighth-largest employer in the region, as well as its efforts in collaborating with employers to develop programs that meet the needs of the local economy, especially in areas such as alternative energy, information technology, and eco-tourism. Algoma’s small class sizes and focus on undergraduate education were also identified as strengths. Among Algoma’s existing programs, liberal arts, biology, business administration, computer science, and social work were pointed to as areas of institutional strength, while undergraduate arts and sciences were identified as a proposed area of growth. Algoma SMA