Ontario releases final Differentiation Framework

December 3, 2013

The Ontario government has released the final draft of its Differentiation Policy Framework, following consultations with universities, colleges, student groups and other sector stakeholders. With the policy, the government seeks to “steer the system in ways that align with provincial priorities while respecting the autonomy and supporting the strengths of [its] institutions.” It outlines 6 components of differentiation: jobs, innovation and economic development; teaching and learning; student population (access and retention); research and graduate education; program offerings; and student mobility (transfer agreements). The framework seeks to have universities and colleges report on these components in re-profiled Multi-Year Accountability Agreements (MYAAs) using specific metrics, which are explained in the policy. “Ontario’s differentiation and Strategic Mandate Agreement process will set the foundation for future alignment of government levers to  support sustainability, a high-quality PSE, and other government priorities,” says the framework. Ontario News Release