Ontario to review employment law with eye toward precarious workers

February 18, 2015

Ontario's government says that it will launch a formal review of provincial labour and employment standards to ensure that they reflect "the realities of the modern economy," including employers' growing reliance on precarious workers. As part of the review, Ontario will consider making changes to the Employment Standards Act and the Ontario Labour Relations Act. While current legislation establishes protections for all workers, some argue that there are too many exemptions. "We don't really have that basic floor of standards any more. We've got gaping holes in the floor of standards," said Mary Gellatly, who works with the Workers' Rights Division at Parkdale Community Legal Services. The Worker's Action Centre's Deena Ladd said that the review is "desperately needed." "We're making up for many decades where governments haven't addressed this issue," she said. Many young adults work in temporary, precarious positions, sometimes for years. Toronto Star