OPSEU President calls on Canadore to share results of third-party investigation into 'toxic work culture'  

February 14, 2020

Ontario Public Service Employees Union President Warren Thomas has demanded that Canadore College's Board of Directors and President provide the union with a copy of a third-party report regarding the college's workplace culture. The investigator, who was hired almost a year ago in the wake of a human rights complaint by a former employee, is scheduled to deliver her findings today. Canadore Board of Directors will receive the report, partially based upon the testimony of over 50 OPSEU members, and decide whether its contents will become public. “It was terrifying for them to speak out because there’s such a poisonous culture of intimidation and reprisal at Canadore,” said Thomas. “But they testified anyway because they love their work and they care deeply about the quality of education they offer the students.” OPSEU | North Bay Nugget | Bay Today (ON)