As other institutions struggle, Royal Roads plans to increase staff, program offerings

May 6, 2013

While other PSE institutions struggle to eliminate deficits, Royal Roads University plans to add new programs and hire 30 more staff this year. Royal Roads' board of governors recently approved a budget that foresees a 12% increase in full-time domestic enrolment in 2013-14, a 7% increase in faculty and staff, and a $1.7-million investment in new programs. The plan follows 3 years of sustained growth during which the number of full-time domestic students increased by 22% to 2,500, the board says. Targeted primarily at mid-career professionals, Royal Roads receives less government funding than other institutions, but can charge higher tuition. It delivers about three-quarters of its courses through a "blended learning" model. Students, most of whom are in graduate studies, spend a couple of weeks on campus before returning to their jobs and completing course work online. "It's an efficient way of generating education and minimizing the costs of your delivery," says Royal Roads' president Allan Cahoon. The president of the university's faculty association says Royal Roads' financial situation was much bleaker when he arrived about 4 years ago. "The situation has improved dramatically," he says. "We're not in the kind of debt that is plaguing a lot of universities at the moment." Victoria Times-Colonist