OUSA "bachelorette's degree" campaign highlights gender wage gap

February 11, 2015

The Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA) will launch a campaign to tackle the significant pay gap between men and women in Ontario. Citing Statistics Canada data that show that women make an average of $300,000 less over their lifetime than men, OUSA announced that it will roll out a campaign centred around the idea of a fictional "bachelorette's degree." "Talking about the 'Bachelorette's Degree' is an attempt to satirize the way women's education is undervalued in our society. It's ridiculous to think that our universities would issue his-and-hers degrees to graduates–that would be degrading and obviously wrong. Yet research shows that your gender identity has a very real impact on your ability to leverage your education in the workplace," said OUSA Steering Committee Member Shawn Murphy. The campaign will focus on Ontario, but OUSA President Jen Carter says that she hopes it will initiate a dialogue across Canada. OUSA News Release