Outgoing uAlberta President calls for philanthropy, a sales tax, and a go big or go home attitude

February 17, 2015

The Globe and Mail has published an interview with outgoing University of Alberta President Indira Samarasekera in which she looks back at her 10 years as the head of the institution and considers what the future may hold for her successor. Samarasekera says that uAlberta is not yet "in the pantheon of the greatest universities in the world," partially because of inconsistent government investment in basic university operations. She says that AB "needs to set a grand goal, a big vision, and go for it ... We don't have a reputation for going big." Samarasekera adds that Canadians need to stop expecting the government to pay for everything and must instead build a culture of philanthropy. She also endorses a sales tax in AB and calls for better investment of oil and gas revenues. "Underinvestment, year after year, in education and research is costing us," she says. Globe and Mail