Parent-outreach recruitment program a success at Texas Tech University

April 22, 2013

Texas Tech University is taking some creative measures to expand its reach in a bid to increase its enrolment to 40,000 students by 2020, up from about 32,500 as of last fall. Through its parent-outreach program, parents of current students call parents of prospective students to share their experiences and act as a resource for future questions. Recipients of calls must be parents who have an admitted student to the university who seems likely to attend, or is at least on the fence. The parent ambassadors are asked to cover certain topics like safety and homesickness, whether prospective parents brought them up or not. Parent ambassadors are also asked to record some key information gleaned from the calls, including their sense of how interested the parents they contacted and their students were in Texas Tech. All of that information is put into the university’s data system. The program has worked well for Texas Tech so far, and the university had a higher yield rate for students in the Houston area whose parents had been reached by phone than for those whose parents had not. The Chronicle of Higher Education (free access)