Part-time professors vote 92% in favour of strike at UOttawa

October 24, 2017

Part-time professors at the University of Ottawa have voted in favour of a strike mandate. Held last week, the vote saw 92% of the Association of Part-Time Professors University of Ottawa support the strike. The union represents 700-plus part-time professors, whom it says teach half of the school's first and second-year students. The university has offered a three-year contract with a 1.25% increase in each of the first two years and a 1.5% increase in the third year. The union is seeking a one-year contract with a 3% increase; a 3% catch-up; a 4% increase in vacation pay; an “experience bonus” of 2% each year for up to 10 years after the first two years worked; and a severance bonus after working 15 years. Ottawa Citizen | CBC