Pearson announces plans to measure and report on learning outcomes

November 18, 2013

Pearson has announced a series of initiatives designed to measure and report on the impact of learning outcomes. In order to “ensure that its work is driven by an ever-clearer understanding of how it can maximise and measure its impact on learning outcomes,” Pearson made commitments to publish learning outcomes measures and targets alongside financial reports; create dedicated focus and incentives towards learning outcomes targets in all business areas; publish its “Efficacy Framework - Pearson's approach for ensuring its products and services enable students to learn what they need to make progress - for feedback and improvement;” and create a global research network to discuss and collaborate best practices and new developments. As part of the announcement, Pearson also published 2 reports designed to examine and improve education and learning outcomes. "Pearson's purpose is to help people make progress in their lives through learning. So, we better be sure that we can demonstrate that progress, in all we do, in a meaningful way,” stated John Fallon, Pearson's CEO. Pearson News Release