PEI announces employment opportunities, emergency financial funding for postsecondary students

April 16, 2020

The Government of Prince Edward Island has announced enhanced employment and economic opportunities for students impacted by COVID-19. The province is supporting the creation of 1,000 new job placements for high school and postsecondary students via increases to current employment programs and partnerships with community and industry. For students in immediate need, the province has provided $95K in support to the University of Prince Edward Island Student Union, Holland College, and Collège de l'Île. PEI is also developing a $75K research fund for students wishing to pursue opportunities in their respective fields. “It’s very important that students can continue to learn and that as a community, we do everything possible to ensure that the pandemic does not disrupt their educational pursuits,” said PEI Minister of Education and Lifelong Learning Brad Trivers. PEI (PE)