Perceptions of WIL in students with disabilities: Report

December 20, 2021
A new study by Laura E Gatto, Heather Pearce, Miana Plesca, and Luiza Antonio of the University of Guelph examined the perceptions that students with disabilities have of work-integrated learning (WIL). The researchers conducted a survey of 187 students who had registered their disability with the Disability Services Office for academic accommodation. The results showed that 23% of students had not participated in WIL, and that half of those students cited their disability was a factor. Only 17% of the surveyed students who completed a cooperative education program had requested accommodations. The authors say that the results suggest that students with disabilities are not requesting accommodations for WIL, possibly due to a lack of understanding, and are less comfortable taking part in WIL. They suggest that these findings warrant further exploration and present challenges as Canadian universities grow their WIL programs. Abstract | Article (PDF) (Research)